She's a cherub in training!


This wild-child Halfling is a devout worshiper of the Sun Goddess. Paying little heed to the quotidian minutia of society, she prances through life in pursuit of joy and rainbows, delivering oodles of sun-power to those in need.

“Be healed!” grabs nipples


Born during a simultaneous full-moon/solar eclipse (two moons!) to a family of poor Halfling farmers, Grumbles (as her parents named her out of spite) was the last in a long string of ill-conceived offspring. She spent her youth basking naked and barefoot in the sun, ignoring all forms of authority and generally vindicating the disdain her parents had for her from birth. She left home on a whim one afternoon, unintentionally. By the time she realized how far she had strayed, she had lost track of how to get back, and so bumbled forward instead. Grumbles has managed to get by on charm and lithe talent, but has also squandered away all sources of income, due to an appallingly low attention span. Perhaps someday she’ll earn her wings…


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