Hidden Scepters

Session One

Deliver This Letter!

The adventurers find themselves in Sandyston, an idyll brick making village in the Western Reaches. The local magistrate Doctor Auren asks them to deliver a letter to his brother, a bizarre wizard who lives far to the northwest. He offers to pay each adventurer 100g for the successful delivery of the letter.

Chuggs purchases an aqua goblin phallus from a fishy fish monger.

The party rests in the inn for the night and sets out the next day, accompanied by Auren’s donkey Pierre.

They travel for the day and make camp in the open plain. A one eyed dire bear approaches. The group settles on a tactical retreat. Chuggs elects to slash Pierre’s tendons; his terrified cries alert the beast to their location.


The one-eyed dire bear flees, badly wounded.

As the fight draws to a close, the moon inexplicably explodes! BOOOOOOOM!



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