Hidden Scepters

Session Two

Flight Under Fire

Huge meteors from the recently exploded moon Ada begin to rain down upon the land. Starts getting pretty hairy. The party seeks shelter in an abandoned mine shaft. They set up camp and begin to rest for the night, but are interrupted by a RAT SWARM! The rats bite furiously but are subdued. However! Distracted during the fight, the group fails to notice that a gnomey-thief has picked their pockets.

“Tell ‘em Smiles got ya!” he laughs as he disappears deeper in to the mine.

The PCs, in hot pursuit, round the bend, only to see Smiles swing across an impossibly deep cavern on a rope. He gives them the finger and smiles broadly, toggling a switch which triggers an explosion behind them. The tunnel is collapsing! Only in the nick of time do all party members manage to make it across the chasm. Smiles escapes, aided by a timely Expeditious Retreat spell.

Some exploration into the mine uncovers the office of Foreman Oak, former manager of the operation. It is heavily trapped, and Jane Poorhammer takes an arrow to the arm as well as a block to the head during their search. Some gems and a magical dagger are discovered, as well as a pile of documents, including a deed to a house in Saltopolis. It seems the dwarves struck the motherlode, and abandoned the mine for their homes, having uncovered an enormous amount of silver.

The party comes to a vast open tunnel going north-south, which seems to continue for many many miles. They elect to go north, and come upon a warband of orcs. The party ambushes the orcs.


The fight goes poorly, as the berserking orc and his compatriots brings down all but Grumbles the plucky halfling sorceress, who showers no less than five of the beastly warriors with her rainbow magic, rendering them unconscious. She then slaughters the helpless orcs and proceeds to stabilize her dying friends.



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